An ultimate guide to use iMessage for Windows

Do you want to exchange media content and text messages by using Windows? Then iMessage is the ultimate app which can now be accessed on Windows. The built-in messaging service by Apple enables users to send sound, video, texts and picture easily with iPhone, Mac, Apple Watch, and iPad. The significant uses and updates made to iMessage urge the Windows users to enjoy a seamless exchange of messages. For an incredibly powerful experience of using iMessage for windows, let us guide you how to install iMessage on Windows.

iMessage for Windows

Yes, iMessage for windows is possible but to use the messaging service it is important to have an iPad, iPhone, or Mac. iMessage is not only an app, it is a complete service which requires an account. Thus, it is also necessary to enable the service on the Apple device to connect the service with PC.  The method to use iMessage service on Windows is tested and can be used on Windows 10 or Windows 8. If your Windows PC or laptop is compatible then it will run on Windows 7 as well.

Install iMessage for Windows with iPhone

To use iMessage service on Windows, it is necessary that you own iPhone or iPad. Make sure to backup all the data before proceeding. Follow the steps completely.

  • All you need is to jailbreak the iPhone and download application Cydia.
  • Install Cydia on the device and open it. Search for tab Remote Messages which will sync all the iMessages from iPhone or iPad by using a remote server. Cydia is not free but paying its price definitely worth the convenience you will get for texting.
  • Now Go to Settings, click on Remote Messages and create an appropriate username and password. Enable the toggle button or add SSL (optional).
  • After this step, iPhone or the iPad will be connected to Windows by using the same WiFi connection.
  • Open Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Firefox and enter IP address in the Remote Messages settings.
  • Make sure to enter a server port after IP address such as IP address is, then you will type
  • After entering username and password, you will be able to see iMessage conversation on the Windows screen.

Install iMessage for Windows with Mac

If you have Mac, you can still use iMessage on Windows.

  • Just download Chrome Remote Desktop and Chrome on both Mac and Windows.
  • Launch the application when installation will be completed.
  • Now download and install Chrome Remote Desktop Host Installer on Mac Computer. By using Host Installer, it will enable access to use files and apps on another computer securely.
  • Connect both of the computers by using security code and use iMessage for Windows.


There is no doubt iMessage is the best messaging app which is booming among the young generation. Both of the methods explained above are hassle-free. Now enjoy iMessage for Windows and do not forget to tell your experience.