Our washing-safe, clothes tag stickers are available in three different sizes. Select from small label, round, and square clothes labels. Stick on outfit care labels and straight to brand stamps for greatest performance.

  • Peel & Stick. Washing- Safe. Water resistant, Long lasting.
  • Stick on clothing labels are laminated so that they endure great in the washing.
  • May also be utilized on hard surfaces.
  • Require a long lasting label? Employ our iron on labeling

Stick On Clothing Labels for Children and Your Entire Family Members

Our own laminated, stick on clothing labels are the ideal method to identify your entire family’s clothing products and stop them from getting lost. At Velcro Patches, you are able to choose from three unique sizes and forms of our sticky clothes labels, and from many different labels pack which include clothing labels. On the subject of child clothing labels, these are the very best. Our stick on name labels has an industrial power adhesive so they will remain trapped wash after wash. When trapped to the garment care label – our kid apparel tags are essentially a permanent solution. When trapped on to the brand stamps or materials, our own sticky clothing tags tend to be long lasting – but is not permanent. If you want a permanent child clothes brand – our iron on cloth labels are what you are seeking.


It is simple to utilize our tags for kids clothing! Simply stick the labelling to care tags, or directly to the producers brand stamp. All these stick on clothing labels are perfect for kids, family members going into a care facility, mothers, fathers, athletes and much more. Our stick on clothes labels help clothing products return home again and again. Ideal for camp, school, nursing homes, daycare, a fitness center and anywhere your loved ones goes. Just peel off and stick our material labels on your family’s clothing as well as jackets – they are washable, water resistant, laundry plus dishwasher safe, and long lasting which means you do not need to be worried about them falling off when placed on garment care or size labels.


Desire iron on clothes labels alternatively? We certainly have those as well!


Stick-On Clothes Tag Labels

Stick-on clothes tag labels stick to your children’s clothing labels without any kind of ironing! Employ these added strength labels towards the your clothing’s stitched in label, these are strong enough to remain on during washing, drying, and even water actions, making them ideal for camp as well as school.

More Regarding Stick-On Clothes Tag Labels

Instead of iron-on labels, we offer you stick-on clothes tag labels! Ideal for usage on stitched in clothing tags. Having the super-sticky materials, it is not necessary to iron-on these types of labels, just stick them on!


Select from a number of pre-made designs or add your personal artwork to create a label. Washer plus dryer tested, these types of labels will certainly stick strong and also last longer on your clothes tags. When it involves time to switch your labels, they are an easy task to take out leaving behind no messy residue.


No more stitching, forget about ironing! Personalizing, labelling as well as marking your children’s clothing is on the verge of getting a lot simpler and funnier using our stick-on label tags (17, 5x22mm). The glued label takes around two seconds to stick to the washing guidelines or even brand label. It is washer and tumble dryer tolerant! Windcheaters, jackets, swimsuits, fleece jacket, underwear… all clothing can now be labelled. Imagine if there is no washing instruction label on my children’s garment? We have got your back… with our iron-on tags   which only require twelve seconds and can be applied to any fabric!


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Labelling your children’s clothes does not have to be this kind of challenge any longer, with our adhesive clothes labels which you can stick on in just two seconds! These adhesive labels could be put on any washing label or brand tag: t-shirts, sweatshirts, pants, skirts, gowns, coats, under garments, scarf, hat… as well as on teddies. Everything is a match! All these labels are tolerant up to 60° in the washer and likewise tumble dryer resistant. Be warned: the actual adhesive labels are definitely not one that is put on the garment’s material because they would peel off inside the wash. To make sure your child will be travel-ready, locate our own isothermal stainless steel water bottles as well as our gorgeous lunch box

Peel And Stick Apparel Labels


Peel off and Stick-On Clothes Labels are classified as the No Ironing plus No Sewing easy answer to identify your clothes! Just peel and stick these extra small, extremely adorable stick on clothing labelling and put on the care label of your outfit (the care label is the satin label which is on your clothing having the laundering instructions). May also be placed directly to most polyester materials, dri-fit and nylon clothes like bathing suits, rain coats, snow pants, and so forth. When used, label adhesive will certainly double its binding power after ten days. When using each label, be sure you press down tightly on all four corners to guarantee secure application. Washable peel off and stick name tags are detachable.


Our smooth, slim, flexible, tear resistant fabric with very-strong water and heat tolerant adhesive will remain stuck through numerous series in the washing machine as well as dryer! Remaining labels may be used on toothbrushes, toys, in shoes or other small item which needs waterproof recognition. IMPORTANT: Stick on clothes labels are meant to be applied to polyester or satin complete fabrics. Personalized clothes name labelling measure 13/16″ by 3/8″.


Just Where Should I Use My Press-And-Stick Clothes Labelling?

For best outcomes, the product Care Tag (laminated) labels must always be used on a outfit’s care tag.

Tag-less Clothes labelling (un-laminated) can be put on the brand imprint (the stamped area in which an organization will give you their business logo and/or size details). Our press-and-stick clothes labelling are not meant to be used directly to the material.


If you need to use a tag directly to materials (like socks), check out our Iron-On Tags These labels will certainly blend directly to the material throughout application plus they are a permanent option.


60 Stick-On Clothes Labels, Washing Safe (1/2″ X 1″)


Laundry Secure, Simple To Use, Just Peel And Stick

Our washing safe clothes labels will remain on throughout the wash. You do not have to iron or even sew name labels on your garments anymore. Our stick-on clothes labels are guaranteed to avoid missing clothes and various other property at the school, camp, daycare, group homes as well as senior living homes.

  • How are stick on clothing tags applied?

Simply peel off and stick them on the care labels of all your clothes.

  • Can these tags be placed straight to the outfit?

No, our stick on clothes tag labels are created to be placed on care labels of your clothes.

  • Will these tags endure the washer as well as dryer?

Yes, these sticky clothes labels are designed to remain on through several washing machine and dryer cycles.

  • Can these types of labels be used on some other products?

Yes, our tags are long lasting and water-resistant and can be used on other stuff like baby bottles, cosmetics and so on

  • What number of characters are you able to print?

1 or 2 lines of written text, as much as 15 characters for each line.

  • What color & font choices do you provide?

We can easily print in Black color, Blue, Green, Red-colored or Purple Print, we provide seven different fonts to select from.

Superb And Unusual Stick Easy Peel Off Stickers For Clothes

These types of colourful stick-on name tags for clothes are the easiest and fastest way of labelling all kinds of garments. Simply peel off from the backing plus stick tightly to the care label.


All these stick-on name tags are available in thirty three fun and attractive designs. Perfect for school uniform, t-shirts, ladies jumpers, underwear and also jackets. Particularly useful on items that cannot be ironed for example waterproof sports jackets.


Machine-washable and tumble drier safe.


Sizes = 23mm by 12mm






£19.95 for each pack of seventy labels


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The Lost Property Mountain and Stick on Clothing Labels


Lost property has usually been a problem in schools. Lost property stores in every school in the country are flooding full of unclaimed and unidentified stuff. Numerous schools can’t and will never store these things forever. They are usually disposed of or given to charity, which includes the more expensive things. Some schools also have a lost property sale if the loads get too huge. Lost property is not just wasteful however it brings about avoidable inconvenience and expenses for parents. To preclude the issue, most colleges insist that all children’s property must be branded. If the remedy is so easy, then why does the issue of lost property still occur? Unfortunately labeling children clothing is not as trouble-free as it seems.


There are many labeling methods out there for parents. Iron on brands are really famous however once they have already been through the wash a few times you will find no guarantees your label will stay attached. Presently, some iron on labels are very good however until you have spent in them and tried them out, there is way of knowing. Laundry marker pens are also an easy, economical remedy. However there are two issues with them, they grow fainter in time and you need to find the space on the piece of outfits to write the name. Both methods, even though quick and easy for present hard-working mother, it can be difficult to rely on. That is, until you constantly re-examine every single cloth to make sure that there is still a legible, intact name tag. This cancels out any time period you saved initially.


Woven or sew on tags however are fail-safe, a perfect remedy. The drawback is that you will have to invest several hours stitching them in every single garment. Or spend extra cash on paying somebody to do it for you. For parents with huge families, the many moms who work full-time and of course, those who can’t sew, this choice is just too bothersome. Back to school time can be stressful enough, ensuring your kid is completely equipped to begin the term can be a mine field. Getting the most suitable school jacket or back pack that do not only adheres to uniform standards at the school, but is also stylish and suitable enough for your sons or daughters to put on and often causes discomfort and bewilderment. After a tough day at the stores, back to school run, no parent has the endurance needed to sit and sew on labels.


It now becomes clear as to the reason why we have a lost property pile in UK schools. So what is offered to fight this challenge? A lot of parents agree that the best answer to labeling children clothing is stick on clothing labels. Stick on clothing labels like Stikins, simply stick on to the care tags of apparel. Stick on clothing tags are no fuss, no ironing, no stitching. The stick on clothes tags are H shaped and the legs of the tags wrap around the care labels and help sticking together.


Stick on clothes labels are produced of nylon, have black written text and the name tags tend to be white. There tend to be more robust than iron on tags.


An extra excellent benefit to using stick on clothes labels is that not just can they be applied to add name tags to clothing, you can label books, luggage, sandwich boxes, cell phones, coats, pencil cases, calculators and several items.


Stick on clothing labels are usually viewed as the best remedy to the trouble and expenses of dropping, misplacing or forgetting school uniform products. We will never stop our children from being reckless with their property when they’re having a lot of fun or have a lot on their thoughts. However, we can easily make sure that those products are returned to us with stick on clothing tags.

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Electricians are all certain to assist you, however severe the electric repair job is. Electrical problems will definitely happen every now and then, that also with no prior warnings. If these problems go ignored, there’s a fair likelihood that they’ll cause additional life-threatening dangers and difficulties. Some of the very major Problems that can pose a threat to your family include:

As a result of their capacity of inducing life-threatening dangers, it’s essential to find these problems be dealt promptly by an expert Elektriker Henningsvær before it becomes too late. Not only can these electric repair tasks hurt you, but can cause significant financial issues or even cared for on time. The worst part is that these issues come uninvited, with no warning. Bear in mind, never attempt to discover a way out by yourself! Be certain you get the assistance of a professional electrician to guarantee security and safety.

There are assorted electricians who offer exceptional interior residential and business electricity, light repair and installation solutions. Not only will they enable you to mend old electronics, but may also offer you new ideas on rewiring and installing newest gadgets in the home. If you happen to have a commercial workplace and require the installation of latest electronics, your very best alternative is to acquire an electrician’s assistance. Why so? As an electrician will direct you and fix your electric issues at a really inexpensive rate. The very best characteristic of a specialist electrician is he will provide expert advice on the most recent electric equipment. He’ll also identify any issues with the preceding wirings and change boards immediately. The electricians possess the capacity to manage all kinds of electric issues since they have years of expertise within the specialty. Possessing the ideal tools and necessary skills is just another plus point for them. Still another benefit of getting their solutions is you could rest-assured the substance that they use is going to be of the maximum quality.

A specialist plumber will check out each and every link and wiring in your location Elektriker Laukvik, then offer the very best fix hints. They provide residential in addition to high class commercial electric repair providers. However, the reality remains that not every individual is perfect. To ensure the services that you get from your preferred electrician are of the highest quality, it’s essential to perform a little bit of research on many electricians. Have a look at their expertise, skills in addition to the numerous services which they provide. A number of the most commonly provided services include:

  • Setup of safety alarms
  • Access methods
  • Website lighting solutions
  • Night light
  • Energy direction

The sector is filled with exceptionally experienced electricians and you’re certain to find one that will meet your needs, as they’re “We are making it work”. But, it’s highly advised to perform comprehensive research before deciding on a specific electrician.

Print Online Custom Box Packaging

Allows think of the life because period when product packaging remedies were not developed as well as individuals were utilized to encounter problems in product packaging along with trading the items. You would certainly assume that just how product packaging was needed in trading and also just what was the function of that? Print online custom box packaging is not just utilized to secure the items however likewise offer a brand-new face or aims to the packaged items since one simply see the product packaging as well as acquire the item by simply seeing the product packaging since he cannot open up the covering as well as see the item. The moment when easy containers and also dice designed containers were produced as well as presented after that these were utilized mostly in houses along with workplaces due to the fact that individuals discovered a method to take on with the old as well as valuable documents, mess as well as supplies. Trading and also advertising and marketing was facilitated since these boxes were published and also items were positioned in addition to the sudsy packing to make sure that item could obtain healthy inside the product packaging to secure from delivery impacts.

You could obtain print online custom box packaging from a product packaging manufacture firm since only printing and also product packaging business could supply you with point. Allows mean you intend to acquire boxes from a mall or shop after that you will not obtain customized boxes from there due to the fact that you would certainly need to spend for the solitary item, despite just how much items you buy from there and also you would certainly not provided personalization alternative. You could tailor the printing requires such as complete shade printing, embossed or unique ink printing as well as you could likewise obtain attractive boxes which could be utilized over unique occasions.

You could additionally present an identification to your published boxes with box printing 4 less using a details shade since today it has actually come to be a fad that individuals utilize product packaging as an icon to make sure that individuals could identify the firm items also from a cross country. Print online custom box packaging are utilized for that function and also look enticing as well as good as well as if you are meant to make use of product packaging at an occasion where olds are to be collected after that you could utilize relaxing shades while if teenagers and also young are to be collected after that brilliant as well as loud shades could additionally be utilized inning accordance with the occasion.